A few small updates in KREA AI

Hey everyone! A few small updates in KREA AI. KREA dev team added a few new features regarding KREA Upscaler and Enhancer.

  • ✋ You can now drag & drop AND copy & paste images into the KREA Upscaler and Enhancer and errors are more explicit
  • 🚮 You are now able to delete old generations from your KREA Upscaler and Enhancer mini gallery.

Infrastructure update

We are seeing peak loads lately and that means a bit of degraded performance and jobs failing because y’all are obliterating our GPUs!

We are working on the infrastructure to restore—and even improve!—performance.

We’ve thought about limiting the Upscaler and Enhancer to only KREA Pro users but we have not decided about that yet.

We will keep you posted. Join KREA Discord Server.

Thanks for being awesome and patient.

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