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  • Realtime AI Drawing with Krea AI

    Realtime AI Drawing with Krea AI

    Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of realtime AI image generation. We’ll explore its origins, its current applications, and even how you can access these powerful tools for free. The Evolution of AI Image Generation Our journey begins with the foundational research into latent consistency models. Innovations in this field have led to impressive…

  • Krea Multi-Image Prompts

    Krea Multi-Image Prompts

    Krea development team just announced the new feature – multi-image prompts in real-time. Now you can use up to 3 images to condition your generations with our new “HD” model. Also, new update includes real-time image prompting. Running on “HD”, the new 1024×1024 resolution is supported. It’s amazing to see how the output changes in…

  • Krea AI Tutorial 2024

    Krea AI Tutorial 2024

    Today, we’re excited to bring you the latest update on Krea AI, now supporting 1024-level real-time generative models in 2024. This enhancement is not only powerful but also introduces a significant leap forward in the realm of generative technology. However, it’s important to note a common oversight regarding payment plans. Many users mistakenly assume the…