Krea AI Founders

Krea AI Founders

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, few stand out as distinctly as Víctor Pérez and Diego Rodriguez, the co-founders of Krea AI. Their journey diverse experiences, and a shared vision for the future of AI, is a testament to the power of innovation and creativity in the tech industry.

Víctor Pérez

Víctor, a Cornell University alumnus, has carved a unique path in the AI landscape. His tenure as the Head of Machine Learning Research at Plyzer Intelligence in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, from April 2018 to July 2020, laid the foundation for his future endeavors. During this period, Pérez focused on developing graph neural networks and knowledge graphs specifically tailored for e-commerce, showcasing his ability to merge academic concepts with real-world applications.

Pérez’s journey continued in Berkeley, California, as a Machine Learning Engineer from July 2020 to February 2022. His achievements during this phase are nothing short of remarkable. Moreover, he not only built but also made significant contributions to the field with his publication “Sculpting with Words” at NeurIPS. His work involved developing and deploying Visual Transformer models and co-authoring a paper published at ICCV. Perhaps most notably, his collaboration with the fashion brand CHANEL on CLIP and GANs led to a feature in StyleCLIP. A paper published by Adobe Research at ICCV.

In March 2022, Pérez took a bold step by co-founding Krea AI, where he currently serves as the CEO.

You can reach out Victor in his social networks: X, GitHub, personal website.

Diego Rodriguez

Diego, the co-founder of Krea AI, is a figure who embodies the essence of a modern Renaissance man. His journey is rich with varied experiences and interests. It paints the picture of an individual who brings a unique and holistic perspective to the world of AI technology.

A Life Shaped by Diversity and Exploration

Rodriguez’s story is one marked by a rich tapestry of cultural and professional experiences. Having lived in vibrant cities like Miami, New York City, Barcelona, and Maracaibo, he has absorbed a diverse range of cultural influences, enriching his perspective and approach to technology and life. This diversity is not just geographical but also experiential, encompassing his passions for writing, reading, programming, meditation, archery, and a deep love for engaging with people.

The Philosophical Technologist

What sets Diego apart in the tech world is his philosophical approach to technology. Also, he doesn’t just see AI and computers as tools or means to an end; he views them as entities capable of creativity, emotion, and perhaps even love. This contemplative perspective drives him to explore the deeper implications of AI in our lives, beyond its functional applications. His work at Krea AI is infused with this philosophy, as he seeks to understand and redefine the role of AI as a creative and empathetic partner in human endeavors.

Blending Humor, Humanity, and AI

Rodriguez’s ability to blend humor and humanity into his work with AI is a testament to his belief in the importance of human connection. He understands that technology, at its best, should resonate with people, make them laugh, and enrich their lives. This understanding is crucial in an era where AI is becoming increasingly integrated into our daily experiences.

Krea AI: A Reflection of Rodriguez’s Vision

At Krea AI, Diego Rodriguez’s vision comes to life. The company is not just a testament to his technical skills but also a canvas for his philosophical musings and creative aspirations. Krea AI, under his guidance, is poised to explore the uncharted territories of AI. Moreover, it pushing the boundaries of what it means to be both a technological tool and a creative companion.

You can reach out Diego in his social networks: X, GitHub, personal website.

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