KREA Logo illusions

KREA Logo illusions

In this article we will do a Demo of new feature: KREA Logo illusions. Create mind-blowing AI videos with your logo.

Krea’s new feature, Logo Illusions, is revolutionizing creative branding. This tool integrates logos into images artistically, based on user prompts. It’s perfect for creating unique, eye-catching designs. Users can adjust the prominence of their logo in the image.

The process is simple: upload a black logo on a white background. Krea then generates an image where the logo blends seamlessly with the artistic elements.

One example is a Japanese town scene with the Nike logo subtly incorporated. The logo merges with the scenery, like bushes, creating a stunning visual. There’s also an option to animate these images, adding dynamic appeal. Krea hosted a competition showcasing this feature’s potential. Participants used the Krea logo to create diverse, imaginative designs. The results were impressive, with the logo cleverly embedded in various scenes like coffee, pizza, and ice cream.

The results were fascinating, from a cyberpunk cityscape to a delicious-looking pizza. The logo was integrated so well, it felt like a natural part of the scene. This tool is ideal for marketers seeking innovative ways to present logos.

You can try the tool by following link:

Krea’s Logo Illusions feature is a game-changer in creative branding, offering endless possibilities for artistic and effective logo presentations.

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