Krea AI: New Video Feature

Krea AI: New Video Feature

Hello everyone! Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Krea Video, a feature from the Krea website that promises to revolutionize how we create videos. Currently, access to this feature is limited to those with special video codes, but it will soon be available to all users.

Navigating the Krea Video Interface

Upon entering the Krea Video interface, you’ll be greeted by a robust timeline where you can interact dynamically with your video’s content.

Krea Video Timeline

As you move your cursor along the timeline and click, you can add keyframes, which are essential for creating seamless transitions between scenes.

Additionally, settings within the interface allow you to adjust aspect ratios, motion sensitivity, and enable looped videos for continuous play.

Exploring Advanced Features

Krea Video includes several advanced features such as “Film,” “Render,” “Animation,” and “Experimental” modes, each offering unique capabilities.

Krea Video Advanced Features

For instance, you can upload images or generate content directly within the app, and even type in prompts to create imagery from simple ideas without needing actual images.

Creating a Dynamic Video Sequence

Let’s walk through creating a video sequence. Start by inserting a keyframe with an image of a young girl. Next, add another keyframe featuring a young man, followed by a lion, and finally, a robot. These diverse images will show you the smooth transitions Krea Video can achieve. For instance, if you make a mistake, it’s easy to delete a keyframe using the trash bin icon.

After setting up your frames, click “generate video” and give it a moment to process. You’ll notice the transitions between frames are incredibly fluid, bringing your sequence to life. You can experiment with different filters, like the film filter for a more cinematic feel or the experimental mode for innovative effects like creating twins with unique transitions. Once you’re satisfied with your creation, you can easily download the final product by clicking the download button.

Conclusion and Invitation to Participate

Krea Video stands out for its potential to enable users to create their own movie-like sequences by simply managing keyframes. If you’re interested in trying out this new feature, leave a comment below. For those who already have access, you can share three Krea video codes by clicking on the invite button. I’ll be selecting three lucky friends to try out Krea Video based on your comments.

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