• Krea Multi-Image Prompts

    Krea Multi-Image Prompts

    Krea development team just announced the new feature – multi-image prompts in real-time. Now you can use up to 3 images to condition your generations with our new “HD” model. Also, new update includes real-time image prompting. Running on “HD”, the new 1024×1024 resolution is supported. It’s amazing to see how the output changes in…

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  • Krea AI Tutorial 2024

    Krea AI Tutorial 2024

    Today, we’re excited to bring you the latest update on Krea AI, now supporting 1024-level real-time generative models in 2024. This enhancement is not only powerful but also introduces a significant leap forward in the realm of generative technology. However, it’s important to note a common oversight regarding payment plans. Many users mistakenly assume the…

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  • Leonardo AI vs Krea AI

    Leonardo AI vs Krea AI

    Have you ever wished you could transform those grainy, blurry memories into crystal-clear masterpieces? Imagine bringing your old pixelated photos to life with just a few clicks. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at Leonardo AI and Krea AI‘s image upscaling in depth. Additionally, we will discuss the Leonardo AI photoreal version 2 to…

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  • Krea Patch Enhance Feature

    Krea Patch Enhance Feature

    Withe new Krea Patch Enhance Feature you can now enhance regions to add textures, fix artifacts, or completely change an image. A 3-step tutorial below. Step – 1 – right click an already enhanced image and select Patch Enhance Tool. Step – 2 – draw the region you want to enhance. Step – 3 – optionally add…

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  • Real-Time AI Art Generator

    Real-Time AI Art Generator

    We now have a new, free AI image generator on the market that can create real-time images for you, transform your images into any other style, and also serve as an impressive upscaling tool. The best part is, it’s completely free. We’re discussing Krea AI, an advanced artificial intelligence platform that enables the real-time generation…

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  • Krea AI Features Updates

    Krea AI Features Updates

    Krea AI Dev Team just added the following new parameters to the new Enhancer UI, which you can access under “Settings”: Resemblance: Roughly controls adherence to small contours in the original image. Like it was never gone. Clarity: Comparable to Lightroom/PS “Clarity”: Controls contrast of contours. Increase for an HDR-like effect, decrease to smooth the…

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  • How to use Krea AI

    How to use Krea AI?

    Ever found yourself almost satisfied with an AI-generated image but missing that final touch? Krea AI might be the answer. Imagine working on an AI-generated short story and needing a high-quality image. When upscaling in other platforms falls short, Krea AI steps in. It’s not just a simple fix; it can transform a blurry, pixelated…

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  • How to Create Your Own AI Model in Krea

    How to Create Your Own AI Model in Krea

    Welcome back, everyone! Today, I’m excited to guide you through creating your own AI models in Krea. Let’s dive in! Firstly, in Krea’s home screen at, you’ll find the starting point for setting up your AI training. Upon clicking it, a screen appears where you have the option to make your training private. This…

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  • Magnific vs Krea AI

    Magnific vs Krea AI

    Magnific AI, an impressive AI image upscaler, recently introduced a free trial, stirring interest among technology enthusiasts. It competes with Krea AI, another notable player in the AI image upscaling arena. This comparison explores the offerings and capabilities of both tools. Magnific AI The official site of Magnific AI now allows users to log in…

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  • How to Use AI Tools in Design

    How to Use AI Tools in Design

    In today’s fast-paced design world, AI tools offer groundbreaking opportunities. Creative professionals can harness these tools to elevate their work to new heights. This blog explores how AI like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Luma, and others revolutionize design processes. ChatGPT: Your Creative Writing Partner ChatGPT stands out for its writing prowess. It generates creative content, marketing copy,…

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